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Mar 28, 2017

Move up to Management Studio Superstar with these great productivity tips! We’ll explore stuff like keyboard shortcuts, configuration options, how to keep your SSMS settings synchronized across multiple environments and other really useful everyday tricks and hacks. Think “hey, wait, how’d you do that!?”

Did you, for instance, know that you can hold down the Alt key while selecting text? The “Alt trick” works for copying, pasting, moving, even typing. Handy if you want to re-use text horizontally instead of just vertically. Like comparing the contents of columns in two tables

Some of the other things I’ll cover:

- Previewing and quick-reference stuff you can do with keyboard shortcuts
- Quickly navigating your code to find errors or bookmarks

No undocumented stuff, no registry editor, and nothing you wouldn’t put into production. Just really clever productivity tips that will take some of the burden off your everyday work.

But I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Your code may still run slow, and you’ll probably write just as many bugs – but you’ll write them quicker and with so much more style and panache.